Alice "Ali" Bell

Alice is the main character.


She was born into a family she didn't like until they were gone. The only light in her life was her baby sister, Emma. Emma and Alice were never let out after dark in there household. Their father believed that there were "Monsters roaming about outside at night. The only problem was, nobody else could see them. Alice believed her father was crazy and asked her mother, who loved her father very deeply, to divorce him several times.

On her birthday, she begged her parents to allow her to go to Emma's dance recital, her parents relented, but eventually gave in. They drove to the recital, and everyone mildly enjoyed themselves, but when it was done, her father was terrified, not keeping his eyes away from the window. Alice and her mother convinced him to allow them to drive the faster way home. On their way, they ran into those "monsters" her dad was always talking about, and they caused the car to flip several times.

After this tramatic experience, Alice was finally able to see the monsters, and she watched as they devoured her parents. She was the only survivor of the crash.

After the crash she was sent to the hospital, with little more than a scratch. She met her new best friend, Katherine Parker there. She was adopted by her grandparents, Nana and Pops.

Because she had to go and live with her grandparents, she had to change schools, turing out that she was going to the same school as Katherine, better known as Kat.

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